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Is there a daily unit cap or is it a suggested cap for CFTSS?

The billing manual outlines the daily unit limits. In acknowledgement of the need for checks against fraud and abuse, but to ensure a client's access to services, service utilization in excess of the annual claim limits and "soft" unit limits will be based on medical necessity and subject to post-payment review. Documentation of the medical necessity for extended durations must be kept on file in the client's record. Please refer to UM Guidance for details on annual and daily limits.

Source: CFTSS: OLP, PSR, CPST Billing Update 11.6.18

Are Adult Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) clients, dual eligible clients, etc. designated as Fee-for-Service (FFS) or managed care?

PROS clients are included in, or carved-in to, Medicaid managed care.

Dual eligible clients are now excluded, or carved out, from Medicaid managed care but have an option for managed Medicare. Dual eligible clients who are not in Fully Integrated Dual Advantage (FIDA) programs will remain in FFS. Agencies should not dismantle FFS as clients are still enrolled in it (e.g. non-FIDA dual eligible clients).

Source: RCM, UM and Outcomes Event, NYC, 4.17.15