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Any advice for Adult Home and Community Based Services(HCBS) in terms of contracting with managed care organizations?

There is nothing unique about HCBS from a contracting perspective, but from a quality perspective and an accountability perspective there is a lot of scrutiny over those services. For example, did the member receive what they were supposed to receive (i.e. hours)? Generally it's going to be the same contract template but with some unique features in terms of performance requirements that plans may be focused on. It's important that the providers capture and document the services. The plan also has to ensure that those services are being provided in the home and community based setting.

Source: Contracting

How will HARP contracts vary from mainstream managed care contracts?

HARP plans have the same contractual requirements. There is not a separate HARP contract; it is the same as that of a mainstream managed care plan.

Source: Contracting