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Since populations included in the child-carve in for developmental disability population must meet one of the following: developmental disability and medically fragile or developmental disability in foster care and the OPWDD CAH waiver has ended/merged, how will children with just developmental disabilities receive HCBS?

Transitioning children will have access to the Children’s HCBS wavier. If a child/family prefers to utilize services in the OPWDD Comprehensive waiver they would need to meet that eligibility. A comparison of services available with the Children’s HCBS wavier and the OPWDD Comprehensive waiver be found here.

Source: Children's HCBS Webinar Series March 2019

What happens with the children who were transitioned into waiver services (from Care at Home, for example) because they are at risk for a higher level of care but who are using only care management, which used to be a waiver service on its own, and are not using HCBS?

Effective August 2019 via the 1115 Demonstration Waiver, CMS approved Health Home Care Management as a stand-alone service for Family of One Medicaid eligible children determined as HCBS/LOC eligible. The child must be HCBS/LOC eligible with an active LOC determination on file and have obtained a capacity slot. Please see the guidance here.

Source: Children's HCBS Capacity Management Refresher Webinar 9.25.19

Since a transitioned child (from the previous waiver) keeps their slot until they are discharged, do they still need an HCBS LOC completed in the UAS?

Yes, the federal government requires that the child be assessed annually (at minimum) to confirm they continue to meet the LOC Eligibility requirements to receive HCBS waiver services. This is not a new requirement.

Source: Children's HCBS Capacity Management Refresher Webinar 9.25.19