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Will Managed Care Organizations know who the designated adult Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) providers are? How do providers find out who the adult HCBS providers are?

Yes, Plans are provided this information and when available the list of the adult designated providers is also publicly available on the OMH website, and can be accessed here. 

Source: Managed Care 101 Webinar 7.21.15

How do associations, agencies, and non-Medicaid providers get designated to provide adult Home and Community Based Services?

All agencies wishing to provide BH HCBS must apply to be designated for each service they would like to provide. Applicants may apply at any time for a designation; however the state will only update the designation lists quarterly for each area on a periodic basis.

For more information consult the HCBS manual.

Any questions may be submitted to:

Source: MCTAC Kick-Off Forum 1.23.14

How do agencies identify if an adult client is HARP/HCBS eligible?

HARP/HCBS eligiblity information is available using ePaces.

Source: HCBS Peer Services 7.14.15