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Are HARPs required to have case managers? How are clients assigned to Health Home Care Managers?

Yes, HARPs are required to have case managers. The expectation is that most face to face care management will be done through the Health Homes. Each Health Home has its own assignment process.

Source: Managed Care 101 Webinar 7.7.15

Can a recipient of adult Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) also receive Health Home Care Coordination without duplication of services?

Yes. All clients receiving adult HCBS are eligible for Health Home Care Coordination. 

Source: HCBS Peer Services 7.14.15

How do adult BH HCBS providers access the manual for ePaces codes?

Providers can access the ePaces manual by clicking on ePaces help. Codes start on page 259.

Source: Plan of Care 10.9.15

Will there be any standards concerning choice and conflict of interest (for the service choices the clients are making) for adult clients?

The federal government is very serious about conflict free choice in HCBS. Providers will need to document the choices being offered to the client and the state will collect and monitor that information.

Source: Plan of Care 10.9.15

For adult BH HCBS clients, what are tiers 1 and 2?

Client tier status is determined by the brief Community Mental Health Assessment. Tier 1 indicates eligibility for select HCBS services including Employment, Education and Peer Supports. Tier 2 indicates eligibility for the full array of HCBS. The brief assessment may also find that an individual is not eligible for HCBS. All HARP enrolled individuals are eligible for short-term crisis respite.

Source: HCBS Peer Support 11.9.15

If an agency provides services to both children and adults and has been approved for adult BH HCBS, do they receive automatic approval for the children's HCBS?

No, the designation process to provide HCBS services to children is a separate and distinct process from the Adult HCBS designation. 

Source: Transforming the Children's Medicaid System Webinar Part 2, 2.11.16

Can care managers refer children to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) offered at the same agency, but by a different department?

Yes, if

  • the child/family is given choice 
  • the individual providing the service is not the same person as the care manager 
  • the service provider and the care manager have different supervisors

Source: Children's HCBS Webinar Series March 2019

Must all children who are enrolled in Children’s HCBS also enroll in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan (MMCP)?

Children enrolled in the NYS Children’s Waiver (HCBS) who are not otherwise exempt or excluded from Medicaid Managed Care must enroll in an MMCP. The State will not enforce enrollment through auto assignment processes until after 1/1/20.

See more about MMCP exclusions and exemptions at:

Source: State September Roundtable 2019