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Are adult Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) only made available for HARP eligible clients?

Yes, HCBS services are only available to clients that are enrolled in a HARP or an HIV SNP after they've undergone assessment and the assessment has indicated that they are eligible and for which services. For more information consult a recent workflow presentation

Source: HCBS Peer Services 7.14.15

How do agencies identify if an adult client is HARP/HCBS eligible?

HARP/HCBS eligiblity information is available using ePaces.

Source: HCBS Peer Services 7.14.15

What is HARP?

According to the NY Department of Health, "Adults enrolled in Medicaid and 21 years or older with select Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) diagnoses having serious behavioral health issues will be eligible to enroll in a new type of health plan, HARP. These specialty lines of business operated by the MCO will be available statewide. Individuals meeting the HARP eligibility criteria who are already enrolled in an HIV Special Needs Plan may remain enrolled in the current plan and receive the enhanced benefits of a HARP. HARPs and SNPs will arrange for access to a benefit package of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) for members who are determined eligible. HARPs and SNPs will contract with Health Homes, or other State designated entities, to develop a person-centered care plan and provide care management for all services within the care plan, including the HCBS."

Source: OMH UM Training 10.5.15

How do providers determine who has been designated part of a HARP?

Individual HARP eligibility and enrollment are included in ePaces. Information regarding Managed Care Plans that participate in HARP is available at the MCTAC Plan Matrix.

Source: OMH UM Training 10.5.15

Who will determine if an adult is HARP eligible?

New York State determines who is HARP eligible. Individuals are eligible if they meet target risk criteria/risk factors or are identified by the service system or a service provider.

Target Criteria:
-Eligible for mainstream enrollment and Medicaid enrolled,
-21 and older,
-Serious Mental Illness/Substance Use Disorder diagnosis,
-Not dually eligible for Medicare,
-Not participating in OPWDD program

Source: Managed Care 101 Webinar 7.21.15

Are adults in HIV SNPs included in HARPS?

Individuals in HIV SNPs are eligible for all services associated with HARP/HCBS under same rules as HARP eligible individuals.

Source: Managed Care 101 Webinar 7.21.15

Should Health Homes assess only HARP-enrolled individuals, or are we expected to assess all HARP-eligible individuals for Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH HCBS) eligibility?

Prior to conducting the adult BH HCBS assessments, Health Home Care Managers MUST verify HARP enrollment. See guidance at:


Source: State Released HCBS Q&A March 2016

Will there be any change to the HARP eligibility algorithm as a part of the CORE implementation?

At this time there are no planned changes to the HARP eligibility algorithm as part of the CORE implementation.

Source: OMH & OASAS CORE FAQ Dec 2021

If the HARP eligible client is enrolled in FST under CORE can their children receive FST services as collaterals?

The only person receiving services is the HARP enrolled/eligible person. The role of the Collateral is to provide support in helping the HARP member achieve their goals. In some circumstances, the HARP member can also ask FST provider to provide psychoeducation. Ultimately the HARP member is the client, and they identify their family of choice (who do not have to be 21+). 

Source: OMH & OASAS CORE FAQ Feb 2022