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If a provider were to use a certified peer from an existing program, would it affect the staffing plan of that program, e.g. a peer from a PROS program providing an adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Service (BH HCBS). Will peer time for the BH HCBS be subtracted from PROS staffing plan?

Yes. Sharing staff between your adult BH HCBS and other certified programs is allowed; however, the total time (FTE) that an employee spends on BH HCBS must be separated out on the CFR, and the PROS staffing plan must account for this. 

Source: State Released HCBS Q&A March 2016

How will adult HCBS services fit into a community with a PROS (Personalized Recovery Oriented Services) program? When would a client be appropriate for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) versus PROS?

When choosing when, where, and how to receive services, individuals should be provided with the opportunity to make an informed choice. PROS is a comprehensive and integrated service model that is able to support multiple goals. BH HCBS may be appropriate for individuals who want to work in the community on 1-2 goals, who are averse to attending a program, or who require 1:1 services that a PROS program cannot sustain. The individual, together with his or her Health Home Care Manager and Managed Care Organization (MCO), will determine whether PROS or BH HCBS are more appropriate to help him or her attain or maintain his or her goals. Additionally, there are certain BH HCBS (such as Peer Support and Education Support Services) that can be provided to an individual who is enrolled in PROS.

Source: State Released HCBS Q&A March 2016