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For adult BH HCBS clients, under what circumstances does the Plan of Care need to be redone?

The plan of care should be redone if the tier of eligiblity, services and/or goals have changed or may no longer be appropriate based on observation or a major life change. Contact your Health Home Care Manager for more information.

Source: Care Manager Webinars November 2015

Will each adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Service (BH HCBS) provider receive a copy of the individual’s Plan of Care? Will the BH HCBS Individual Service Plans be shared among providers?

The BH HCBS plan of care is completed by the Health Home Care Manager. Once complete, the BH HCBS plan of care must be signed by each of the BH HCBS designated agencies providing a BH HCBS service indicated in the HCBS plan of care. 

Source: State Released HCBS Q&A March 2016

For the initial 3 assessment visits with an adult individual how will the Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH HCBS) provider bill for these services? Will these visits have a different rate than the service rate? Will these visits apply to the utilization cap?

BH HCBS providers have up to 3 visits to determine the scope, duration, and frequency for the individual based on their needs, goals and preferences. This is a part of the BH HCBS and should be billed the same way an individual BH HCBS is billed. The time spent during these three visits will count toward the cap on hours.

Source: State Released HCBS Q&A March 2016

Is a Plan of Care required if the only BH HCBS the adult is receiving is Non-Medical Transportation (NMT)? What is an example of an appropriate NMT trip for an individual who is not receiving any other BH HCBS?

NMT is considered a BH HCBS, and therefore the HCBS requirements for Plans of Care must be met when NMT is utilized. However, the State does not expect that there will be many individuals for whom it will be appropriate to use NMT and not be engaged in other BH HCBS. An example of an appropriate NMT trip for an individual who is not receiving other BH HCBS is a trip to a job interview for an individual with an employment goal who is engaged in a Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) program and therefore is not eligible for the BH HCBS employment services.

Topic(s): System Redesign
Source: Non-Medical Transportation Q & A Spring 2017

Will a Plan of Care (POC) be required for CORE services?

A Health Home Plan of Care will not be required for CORE services. CORE services must be documented in an Individual Service Plan (ISP) maintained by the CORE services provider.

Source: OMH & OASAS CORE FAQ Dec 2021

What is the role of Recovery Coordinators with CORE?

Recovery Coordinators do not have any formal role in referrals to CORE Services. CORE Services do not require completion of the NYS Eligibility Assessment or the BH HCBS Plan of Care. 

Source: OMH & OASAS CORE FAQ Dec 2021