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Please clarify how long transitioning waiver children are authorized for CFTSS. Are they authorized to receive the cross-walked services for one year from initial CANS?

CFTSS are Medicaid State Plan services. Any child on Medicaid can receive these services as long as they continue to meet medical necessity. Waiver eligibility is not required for access to CFTSS.

Source: CFTSS: OLP, PSR, CPST Billing and UM Office Hour 11.15.18

Can the Medicaid Managed Care Plan deny claims during the children's HCBS transition time period for instances in which the member has exceeded the benefit limit? Would this be permissible if plans denied these types of claims for a medical necessary review?

During the first 90 days, there is to be no utilization review conducted on Children’s HCBS (except for a new request for AT/E-Mods/V-Mods) and transitioning children are provided 180 days continuity of care. The plan should not pend or deny claims for medical necessity review during this period. If it appears the member is exceeding a benefit limit, the MCO should discuss the current HCBS Service Plan with the provider to understand the current goals, and the possibility of other covered services that might benefit the child.

Source: State Released MMCP FAQ Sept 27, 2019