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Who needs to authorize a child's CFTSS treatment plan, DOH or the Medicaid Managed Care Plans?

Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MMCP) will be authorizing services for children enrolled in managed care. Each MMCP will develop a process by which providers will obtain authorization in line with the State issued utilization management guidelines. Specific MMCP processes for authorization can be found here. 

Source: July 2018 CFTSS Billing In-Person Training

Are you anticipating issues with MMCPs denying coverage if notification of the first 3 visits of OLP, PSR or CPST is not received either on a timely basis or at all?

Providers should refer to MMCP specific guidance on notification requirements prior to service delivery at. 

Source: UM for CFTSS: OLP, PSR, CPST 9.18.18

Will there be a standard form for the child's Treatment plan? For the assessments to determine medical necessity for each service?

There will not be a standard template for the treatment plan. A sample form for recommending services/ documenting medical necessity can be found here:

No specific assessment tool needs to be completed for a child to access CFTSS; all that is needed is for the child to meet medical necessity criteria for the service.

Care Managers can refer directly to a CFTSS provider who is designated for OLP, for the non-physician licensed behavioral health practitioner to determine medical necessity for any CFTSS.

In addition, any licensed practitioner treating the child (such as their doctor) can make a recommendation to CFTSS by completing a written recommendation to document medical necessity based on clinical judgement.

Source: UM for CFTSS: OLP, PSR, CPST 9.18.18

Is there a standard form for notifying MMCP of CFTSS to be provided to children? Should providers anticipate some acknowledgement by the MMCPs that they received the notification? If no form, what does this notification look like?

There is no standard form for notifying plans prior to service delivery. Notification method/process depends on the MMCP. 

MCTAC has created a grid with more details about plan notification and authorization processes. This can be viewed

Source: CFTSS: OLP, PSR, CPST Billing and UM Office Hour 11.15.18

What are the guidelines for authorization of Children's HCBS?

Authorization for continued services will entail a conversation between the MMCP and the HCBS provider, primarily. However, the Health Home Care Manager would notify the MMCP of the services. Continued authorization is between the HCBS provider and the MMCP.  

Guidelines regarding authorization for units/days of service for HCBS service type can be located in Appendix C of the Children’s Home and Community Based Services Provider Manual.

Source: State Children's Waiver HCBS Workflow FAQ 2019

How are Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MMCPs) notified of the first appointment date with each Children's HCBS provider?

As outlined in the policy, the first appointment is established with the HCBS provider. The HCBS provider reports the date of the first appointment to the MMCP through the means established between the two entities – can be by phone, secure email, or other. 

Source: State Children's Waiver HCBS Workflow FAQ 2019

Are Children's HCBS services placed on hold until all necessary approvals are received from the Medicaid Managed Care Plans (MMCPs)? What is the process to handle delays in MMCP approvals?

Services should not be delayed for child/youth in need of and eligible for HCBS. Providers are encouraged to request continued coverage of HCBS at least 14 days in advance of the current authorization’s expiration to avoid delays.

During the first 180 days HCBS services will be covered without MMCP utilization management (clinical review).

An enrollee has the right to request an appeal from the plan regarding a delay in approval, denial or reduction in services. With written consent, the provider may appeal on behalf of the enrollee. The enrollee also has fair hearing rights, once the plan’s appeal process is exhausted. The provider or the enrollee may also file a complaint at any time with the Department of Health at

Source: State Children's Waiver HCBS Workflow FAQ 2019

If the Children's HCBS provider has their own referral form can that be used instead of the State’s form?

No, the Referral for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to HCBS Provider form must be used. The form as a fillable PDF can be located here.

Source: State Children's Waiver HCBS Workflow FAQ 2019